The first lottery game built on top of Bitcoin protocol


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What's BitLot?

BitLot is an online lottery built on top of the largest decentralized ecosystem in the world.

All data that feeds the game comes from Bitcoin transactions, in this way we can guarantee transparency, immutability and randomness.

Only the Bitcoin protocol decides who wins and who loses.

Hotel 1


payments via cold wallet

no user data collection

no interaction between user and platform

no entry point to the platform

Hotel 2

provabily fair

no house advantage, odds of winning are fair

guaranteed minimum prize pool

randomness guaranteed by bitcoin protocol

check the results via bitcoin explorer

Hotel 3


no registration system

no email registration

no association between user and payments

search for history via bitcoin explorer



Each game corresponds to a Bitcoin’s block that has yet to be mined. Starting from block number 700000, a new game will be created every 10 blocks, therefore 700010, 700020, 700030…. The winning number will correspond to the last 2 numerical digits of the corresponding block hash.


The platform provides a list of 100 Bitcoin addresses associated with the possible results, the player, after choosing the number, will have to send 0.0001 BTC to the corresponding address and will be registered in the current game.


If the chosen number is drawn he will receive the amount of the prize pool.

Let's understand better with an example:

The Bitcoin blockchain is currently at block 825252, the first available game is therefore at block 825260.

Bob wants to play and thinks that his lucky number is 25, at this point he opens the platform and see which address is associated with the number 25, in this case “1PwHc....bpn7”. Bob sends 0.0001 BTC to the address "1PwHc....bpn7", if the transaction is confirmed before block 825260 he will be registered in the corresponding game, if it is confirmed later he will be automatically registered for the next game (825260). Bob is lucky, the transaction is confirmed in time and participates in the desired game. Block 825260 has just been mined and its hash is: "000....5dd879cd2fgh5".

Booooom the last two numerical digits correspond to 25, Bob wins the jackpot.

The platform processes the payment and automatically sends the jackpot to the address that Bob used to pay for the game registration.


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